Snyman & Snyman - Consultants


Our consultants are multi-skilled, highly driven, outcome focussed people with experience and wisdom far beyond their years.

Usually we would consult with the CEO, CIO or COO of a company. Having said that, if you are in a position to get our quotes approved, you are probably at the right level to realize the value of our service and be able to implement what we propose.

We will help you fix broken things. Be it a broken process, a broken system or a broken business. The bigger the challenge, the better.

At this point you should take note that we are not a labour force or labour broker. We supply the solution, not the people to apply the solution.

Some of our consultants have great technical expertise, some have great business expertise and some have great people skills. This ensures we can solve your problems on the “people, process and technology” levels. All our consultants are equals in the business, we do not have junior and senior consultants, they are all exceptional consultants, delivering exceptional results at exceptional cost.